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Battle Lords: the Web Series

Do you like movies like Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and the Highlander?  Then you'll love Battle Lords!  Battle Lords is a web series about a group of friends in the modern day who find themselves fighting the forces of darkness in a medieval dream world they go to when they are asleep.  I've long been a fan of progressive rock, and the film score is reminiscent of 70's era prog rock.  The series is free to watch and can be found at  If you like it, join our Facebook and Twitter pages (links are located on the web page). 
If you do not know, a web series is a TV show that is found on the web.  They are usually independently-produced and personally funded.  The episodes are shorter than a normal TV show, and episodes are posted usually as they are finished.  Check out our links page, which contains a directory of other web series with a medieval and/or gaming theme.

Nicky J. Allison

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