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New Member, Hello! And Question about Gollum/Smeagol...

I haven't joined until now because i wanted to make sure i had some knowledge about this great saga before i joined any sort of Lord of the Rings group or community. I didn't want to seem the fanboy who only started reading the books cuz he saw the movies (well, that is actually how it happened for me, but i wanted to do a fanbase of this big a story and world a little respect, and not join without any true knowledge of the books).
I have read through all the books one time, and i am on my second reading. (I tried to read the Hobbit when i was 12 or 13 and got to page 23 and was like, "Man, i can't take this, anymore" and went on to something else - like The Black Company, any fans here of that awesome series by Glen Cook?). I loved the movies and when i read the books i did realize a lot more than just "a lot" had been cut out, but still enjoyable because the plot still exists as true as it ever was, and i don't think a single movie has ever made me weep so much at the end of it. *waits for "sissy-boy" comments to subside*
I did end up reading The Hobbit before my second round of Lord of the Rings (so many things make more sense now, references and who the Dwarf names refer to and all, and now i can link in my mind that Legolas is a Mirkwood Elf, and what Mirkwood even IS finally), so i feel i am getting a better rounded experience this time. Currently i am starting Two Towers again.

Anyway, to the point. I had 2 questions in mind when i had the desire to join a LOTR community ... and one of them has escaped me. So, here's the other one of those questions:

And stop me if this question has been posed before, but you know how Gollum/Smeagol is all "us" and "we" about everything? Then why does he call the Ring "my" precious?
I wonder if there was a psychology put in behind that, or was it just a slip of Tolkien's pen?
Was Smeagol then separated so much from Gollum that when Gollum began to take over, the Ring was Gollum's only? Was it that Smeagol just had the unfortunate situation to sit in the background and watch Gollum be the keeper of the ring?
Was Gollum created by the ring (i think it's probably stated that he was), that the crazy-little-fraction-of-a-Sauron manifested within the ring tore Gollum from Smeagol, and maybe that's why, while saying things like, "They hurts us," and "we wants it," at the end of the day it is only, "my precious?"

I apologize for my being long-winded - or long-typed'ed ... {:o.

Thank you for your time. I just hope to spark conversation, now that i am at least knowledgeable enough to hold a semi-deep conversation (i'm no expert, by a LONG shot ... yet).
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